The 2020 Chiayi Art Festival will be held on June 25 through July 26. This year it will create a fresh, comfortable and downshifting local art festival. There will be the performance of national and geological high-quality art teams. The artistic activities will be connected with Cultural Affairs Bureau,museums, Chiayi Lumber Mill and Alishan Forest Railway Chiayi Garage Park in which will be featured as unique and abundant Chiayi Arts Festival.

There are five theme series of activities, "Art Street", "Hall Theatre", "Mori Courtyard", "Mori Lecture Hall" and "Mori Workshop" with the performance of music,drama and dance. Due to the epidemic has been ebbing, we invite you to join and enjoy the artistic atmosphere also let the arts spread into our lives ,schools ,families. Through these activities, citizens will immerse in the art feast of the world happily as much as they want.


透過「藝術大街」、「大廳大戲」、「森活大院」、「森活講堂」、「森活工坊」五大系列活動主題展開,以音樂、戲劇、舞蹈等表演藝術魅力,打造慢活清新藝文盛會。在疫情趨緩之際,邀請大家到戶外走走,在這充滿藝術能量與活力的藝術氣息,一同來享受藝起森活的氛圍,並將藝術推進校園、家庭、生活,並透過這些活動,能讓市民朋友們盡情地觸及藝術、享受藝術,沈浸這場藝術盛宴中 。